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Microsoft Office 365 is a subscription-based service that works to give users the basic productivity applications, which is necessary to get the works done in the modern projects or enterprises. The office suite has become an important part of the most working stations for about every working individual. In the most modern mobile-centric enterprise, Office 365 provides the essential programs used to get home or professional work done. This is the de facto productivity suite for various enterprises, and also the setup of all the other opponents or competitors are measured against. With the launch of Office 365, Microsoft has made reporting much more straightforward for its users to use. Users can access an extensive variety of instantly-available and available reports from the Office 365 admin center. This feature is really loved! You can download and install the latest versions of Microsoft Office 365 at And the current subscription includes Office 2016 applications.

MS Office Applications

Microsoft Word: This app sets the standard for word processors. And this program is available with Office 365 for both Business and Premium. Users in your enterprise can use this tool whenever they need to create documents.

Microsoft Excel: the current standard-bearer and an essential component of the Office 365 for Business and Premium. The spreadsheet has been the program that performs dependably under heavy use for primary data analysis since its development back in the previous century.

Microsoft Outlook: A solution for managing email and an appointment calendar. Outlook has been around for several years, and its full-of-activity interface works to be either loved or hated by users. This tool is also available with both the Business and Premium subscriptions.

Microsoft PowerPoint: An allowance for the Office users to create, display, and spread information among the folks in formats ranging from the basic slide to animation to video. It helps you disseminate information to the group of individuals at a meeting that often tends to presentations.

Microsoft Publisher: It provides users with the program they need to bring out professional-looking newsletters, booklets, and brochures. Since communicating information to a broader audience has been necessitating something more formal and more permanent than a presentation at a meeting.

Microsoft OneNote: It allows the Office users to take notes on any device and then retrieve those notes from any of the other devices. Since the staff and workforce have become more transportable, the requirements to address and capture information available have been turned into something gradually more critical. You can say that it's your basic productivity cloud app.

Microsoft OneDrive: It provides users with up to 1TB of cloud storage in which the important files and data is a subject to be kept. It can be called as another basic cloud-based application that helps users to maintain their storage.

Microsoft SharePoint: It provides an enterprise with some specified applications for backend communication and infrastructure management. For example, you may start using SharePoint in order to host intranet websites for the enterprise. However, many people use it to host smaller sites designed for smaller divisions or teams. You may designate the permissions for these sites, or one can get it done by appointed administrators.

Microsoft Exchange: This Exchange Server is included in all the Office 365 for Business subscription, which means, it can handle all the email management duties one requires. By default, all of the users are granted 50GB of storage for email. The preservation of the Exchange Server is commonly managed at the administrator level.

Microsoft Teams: It is a chat-based workspace tends to integrate people, tools, content and into a particular platform. This program intends to satisfy the needs of those employees; Office 365 now includes Microsoft Teams. Most of the younger members of the modern enterprise workforce have been very much acquainted and comfortable with this application.

Microsoft Skype for Business: Unlimited online and video conferencing meetings with up to 250 people can be hosted with the help of Microsoft Skype for Business. It is highly needed worldwide because now the video conferencing has become an essential tool for a mobile enterprise workforce.

Microsoft Collaboration tools: Together with the classic productivity applications, the Office suite works to include many collaboration tools such as Yammer, Delve, and Sway. Microsoft designed these tools to allow users to communicate the inspirational thoughts, share important documents, and have video conversation as a meeting while they are on the go.

Microsoft Power BI: It provides enterprises with a bundle of programs or tools for collecting, sorting, and making available business intelligence data for them. This has been being known as one of the most dominant tools any enterprise desires to have. Regardless of size, Microsoft Power BI is a reliable business intelligence gathering application.

Microsoft Infrastructure: Every Office 365 subscription includes five levels of security and practical or proactive monitoring to protect your files and data. A reliability guarantee of 99.9% uptime is included in all of the Office 365 subscriptions.

Microsoft License scope: One licensed subscription to Office 365 has been designed and directed to cover 5 phones, 5 tablets, and 5 Macs or PCs per user.

Microsoft Support: Here all of the Office 365 subscriptions include full-time web and phone support.

How To Find Your Office Product Key

  1. If you download Office products from an online store, you need to check the Email receipt you got from the store. Or else, find it in your Junk folder. For the best products of Office 365, always choose the best source or visit
  2. If you buy a physical box or card, you need to look on the card or packaging.
  3. If Office suite comes installed in your computer, you then need to look on the Certificate of Authenticity.
Note: A combination of 25 letters and numbers is used in Office product key. It looks like this: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX.

How To Get Your Office Setup

  1. From your browser, go to and sign in with your Microsoft account.

Note: If you have a Microsoft account, sign in. Otherwise, you’ll need to create a new account. However, you'll always need a Microsoft Account for doing everything with Office Setup. And the Office users, who use Microsoft services like OneDrive,, Skype, or Xbox Live, already have an account.

  1. Enter your Microsoft product key in the field where required.
  2. Select any Office 365 or Office 2016 product you want and get it.